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Hillary’s Last Speech as Secretary of State

In Hillary Clinton’s last speech as Secretary of State, she commented that the US is supporting growth in developing countries’ economies because “weak states represent some of our most significant threats.  We have an interest in strengthening them and building … Continue reading

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‘Air of Inevitability’ & coal plant updates

As a follow up to my last post, I realize the key issue that has changed, as heralded by Obama’s State of the Union address, is an ‘air of inevitability’ for coal emissions regulations.  What would motivate an industry executive … Continue reading

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State of the Union: Let’s have a win-win climate change conversation

When the words, “no area holds more promise than our investments in American energy” rang out during the State of the Union address, I, for one, was energized. Obama’s second major topic  from his grand podium last night was climate … Continue reading

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Against Chinese Dumping: Solar and Auto Industry Similarities

Election politics, solar, domestic jobs are all hot topics whether because of radiation or large amounts of cash and hot air.  On September 17th, Obama announced he would file suit with the World Trade Organization against China for unfairly subsidizing … Continue reading

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How could a career in electricity most change the world?

This is a perennial question for me: what is the biggest impact I could make, say, in the next 5 years by working in electricity?  The US power market has in some ways particularly inspired me.  At my first internship … Continue reading

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Summary of Romney Energy Plan

Romney’s campaign published a whitepaper describing his energy plan on August 23, 2012. It focuses primarily on oil, and does not give much guidance relevant to electricity. One news source quipped, “’oil’ is mentioned 154 times; ‘climate’ zero”. Notable positions … Continue reading

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EPA decision on the Navajo Generating Station: Regulate for the real reason

The EPA is playing a very significant role in shaping our resource portfolio, especially when you think in terms of capacity affected – i.e. residential solar legislation is awesome, but it takes a ton of effort to impact the grid … Continue reading

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